Histopathology is an advanced examination method used for certain diagnosis of lesions. It studies tissular pattern, cell morphological details and connection between them and relations with adjacent normal tissue (inflammatory reaction, pathogens agents, cellular differentiation grade, infiltrative behaviour, vascular invasion, margins evaluation).


- tissular origine

- higher sensitivity and specificity in neoplastic differentiation between benigne and malignant lesion, border line lesions, degenerative processes, lysosomal storage disease and parasitic involvement

- margins evaluation of malignant tumors

- usual stain and special stain used for specific agents or degenerative disorders

- invasion and infiltration grade in tumoral evaluation

- vascular invasion

- metastatic capacity

- important rol in prognosis


Sampling methods are variable:

Incisional biopsy (ultrasound guided when need): parenchimatous organs, cutaneous or subcutaneous , bone, skeletal muscle, skin

Endoscopy, rhinoscopy, bronchoscopy

Excizional biopsy: different body zones